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Can You Spare the Time?


Time—we have it, take it, give it, lose it, use it, waste it, save it, and invest it. One thing is certain, we’re not promised it.

There comes a time when we become comfortable with the idea of time. We possess an air of certainty regarding our next few hours, days, months, and years. Many of our conversations include measurements of time that signify the future. Tomorrow, next week, 3rd quarter, semi-annual, and next year are a few of my favorites.

Life is filled with clichés regarding the ways we should spend our time. You know the goodies. Pause and think of a few. I’ll wait…I have plenty of time.

Truth is we really don’t know how much time is available for us to complete our God-given assignments. This morning served as a chilling reminder to me. My friend/co-worker was involved in a very serious accident. On my end, today seemed no different. As usual, I was on my way to work knowing I’d be greeted by her smiling face. We’d chat over breakfast and morning tea, and I’d kill approximately 35 minutes before shifting into overdrive. However, I was greeted by the unnerving news that as I was leaving my home, she was being forced into another vehicle, slammed into an 18-wheeler, and smacked into an embankment. Thankfully, she is still around to share her testimony. These events weren’t on her Outlook calendar. The other drivers didn’t call her and schedule appointments. This is only a sample of the types of things that bid for our time.

I’m guilty of taking my time for granted. I neglect tasks, and more importantly, I neglect people. There are days when I won’t even check on my grandparents or parents because I figure time will permit another day. Shame on me. There are days when I procrastinate to the last second fully confident time will permit another hour. It works every time.

I don’t know if time is on your side or mine, but our clocks are ticking. The stopwatches are counting down all around us, and we are leaving this place one day or another. It’s important that we use our time wisely as we grace the world with our presence.

Time is a precious resource—one of our most precious to be exact. People love to discuss their priorities and their futures. There are thousands of articles pertaining to time management. If you’re breathing, time is a factor. I can’t tell you what to do with your time, but I hope that you take enough time to evaluate the way you’ll use it in the future. When will you make time for what truly matters?